Personal? Let's get personal?

I've had a steady job for over 5 years now. Un-steady-ish job/s for over 7 years now. That doesn't sound personal. But wait. I kind of feel like I am stuck there. The position is just so that it's difficult to level up in some other position. The ones that were possible are now closed up. I could go back to school... but money!! Insurance! Money! And a very important lack of direction, like what would I even go back to school for?

That's the job front. Personal life is pretty good. Family life is freaking awesome sometimes, okay other times, awful other times. Love life is... better than I ever would have hoped for when I was young and naive and only had romantic thoughts.

More immediately... this week I have been working from home. Something I never thought was even a possibility with my job. So it's been awesome! Mostly I have been taking this opportunity to train my hair to not need a wash every single day. That's the mission. Also, I will be turning 32 this Friday. I started blogging when I was 17, the age when I was naive and only had romantic thoughts. So.. that's 15 years. Horrifying.

Ok, that's it for now. Until next time.

Literally, everyone's trademark is their cat eye. I'm wondering what the next trend will be with eyeliner. I can't think of anything better than a good little wing.
Family is this beautiful dichotomy of being so wonderful and so nuts.
Isn't it funny how you can be so close and be on such intimate terms with a group of people, and at the same time not have any idea on how to truthfully communicate?
You hear what you expect to from what someone usually says. And then the intentions get lost. And people can only do what they know to do. And conversations will circulate for years. Each person feels their own specific kind of pain. And then there's love. SO much love.

(◡‿◡✿) this guy

*Listening to weather report
Him: "Rain?! Noooo, not on your birthday!"
Me: *cackles due to cuteness
I swear to god I’m going to stay up past 10pm tonight to watch the Parenthood series finale. Get ready, warm earl grey. I’m comin for you.


So technically I didn’t watch the end due to the amount of weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

I've been spending ALL my free time going through 'The Best of Tumblr' tumblr. I'm on page 315. I WILL reach the end. And also watching all of Kylie Jenner's vines. I'm turning 31 next week.

What I'm Into (as of 1/21/2015)

• Thinkin about building my own upholstered headboard. 

• Cutting out coffee and soda as much as possible (due to braces, and less sugar for better health in general)

• Wondering about what I want to do in life. Back to school??

• Paring down belongings. (Trip 1 to Goodwill done. Now need to try to sell things at Crossroads) Simpler, cleaner life.

• Listen to more music, and watch less Netflix. (This one is hopeless. Netflix rules my life, but I'd like to get back into music again, too.)

- This is turning out to be a list of the year's resolutions, lol. Now, onto the resolutions I know I will keep -

• Will no longer hold back whenever I want to buy a plant. Whatever! Plants make me happy and I love taking care of my babies. Sometimes my suffocating love kills them, but I think I'm learning to let go a little bit and let them grow up and go to school on their own sometimes.

• Drink more wine. 

• Enjoy my life more.